Lego Sonic Screwdriver




Introduction: Lego Sonic Screwdriver

About: Hi, I build stuff with legos and duct tape, and I do some redstone stuff is Minecraft. If you have any requests or questions, please PM me! -EC

I Was Bored One Day And Found Some Legos, So I Decided To Create This. This Is My First Instructable, Hope You Enjoy :D

Step 1: Parts

Here Are All The Parts You Will Need.

Step 2: End Cap

Step 3: Handle

Step 4: Handle Part 2

Step 5: Top of Handle

Step 6: Emitter

Step 7: Connecting the Emitter and the Handle

Step 8: Extended Mode

This Is Extra And Is Not Required, But Is Pretty Cool Looking. Thank You Everyone :D



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    That's Awesome! I like the use of the Lightsaber handles.