Lego AA Gun

Introduction: Lego AA Gun

This is an Instructible on how to build your very own lego AA gun!

Step 1: Base

To build the base you will need to get a base (any size or colour), a 2x2 swivel tile and a round 4x4 base.

1: put the swivel on the base
2: put the round base on the swivel

Step 2: Side Panels

For the side panels you will need:
-1 1x2 brick with axle hole
-1 1x2 grated brick
-1 2x2 flat
-2 1x2 flat
-1 1x2 flat with bar
-1 2x2 tile with single stud
-1 1x1 brick with single eyelet
-2 1x3 flat
-1 1x1 roof piece

1: put the grated brick on the axle brick
2: add the eyelet brick and the 2x2 flat on the grated brick
3: stack the 2 1x2 flats then put on the 2x2 tile
4: put the flat with a bar on the stack
5: get the tile with 1 stud and add a 1x3 to the back
6: do that with the other 1x3 flat but below
7: put the roof piece on the highest flat 1x3
8: add to the eyelet brick with the roof piece with the back facing up
9: put aside

Step 3: Front Shields Pt1

You will need:
-1 1x6 flat
-1 1x2 flat with rail
-1 1x2 tile grated
-2 1x2 flat
-2 1x2 brick
-2 1x2 flat with 2x2 side connector
-2 2x4 tile

1: stack the flat with rail and the grated tile then put on top of the 1x6 flat
2: on both sides on the stack put a 1x2 flat
3: put the bricks on the flats you just placed
4: put the side connectors on the bricks
5: on the side connectors put your 2x4 tiles
6: put aside

Step 4: Main Body

You will need:
-1 front shield
-2 side panels
-1 base

1: put the front shield on the edge of the round 4x4 on the base
2: put the side panels on by putting the 2x2 flats on the front shield
3: put aside

Step 5: Front Shield Pt2

You will need:
-1 1x6 flat
-1 1x2 grated tile
-2 2x3 tile with clamps

1: put the grated tile in the middle of the 1x6
2: put the edges that are furtherest away from the clamps onto the remaining spaces on the 1x6
3: connect to the main body from the bars
4: put aside

Step 6: Cannon

You will need:
-1 1x2 hinge brick
-1 2x4 flat
-2 1x2 flat
-2 1x2 brick with axle hole
-1 1x2 brick with peg
-2 1x2 grated tile
-1 1x2 tile with single stud
-1 1x1 stud
-1 axle
- lots of axle brushes

1: put the 2x4 flat on the hinge brick then underneath put the 2 1x2 flats
2: on top above the hinge put a axle brick then beside it put a brick with a peg
3: on top of the two bricks put the grated tiles
4: on the end put another axle brick with a tile on top with the stud
5: insert the axle and put on the brushes
6 add to the back of the round base

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