Lego Adventure Time BMO Ipod Dock

Introduction: Lego Adventure Time BMO Ipod Dock

About: I take things apart, building new things with those parts, come up with my own way of building things, and I invent new simple things, such as simple robots, or just toys. I also love playing my drum set!

I got the new BMO app on itunes for my ipod, when I decided to make an ipod stand that looks like BMOs' Body, Including his arms and legs. The BMO ipod stand holds your ipod tightly so it doesn't just fall out, but lightly enough so that you can easily take out your ipod. If you want me to post a tutorial, I need 10 favorites for this instructable, and I need everyone to vote for me in the Toy Block Building Contest, and the Weekend Projects Contest. Thanks : ) !!!!   

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    6 years ago

    Adventure time!