Lego Air Fighter

Introduction: Lego Air Fighter

About: A.S.E. #2

this is the cool jet lego
lock target, fire...!!!

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Step 1: This Is the First

this is the view of the jet

Step 2: Body of Jet

this is a parts of the body

Step 3: Body Is Done

Step 4: Another Side

Step 5: Wings

the parts of the wings is really hard. because the parts is really hard to find

Step 6: The Wings Is Done

Step 7: Bottom of the Wings

Step 8: Top of the Wings

Step 9: Engine

the afterburner make the engine is very cool. so if you build it without a afterburner the engine will be ordinary

Step 10: Behind of Engine

Step 11: Other Side

Step 12: Bottom of the Engine

Step 13: Top of the Engine

Step 14: The Front of the Jet

Step 15: Front Is Done

Step 16: Glass

remember. if you have no the glass you can use the minifigure stand for the glass

Step 17: The Glass Is Done

Step 18: The Jet Is Done

finally you have the jet

preparing for war...!!!

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