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Hello, guys! I decide to make the hidden blade from assassin's creed, it's really useful to assassinate people and it's so cool, I wanted to make it for a long time and I finally made it, Hope you will enjoy my instructable!

This was inspired by My different username from YouTube, who made a really awesome hidden blade, he said he was going to make a tutorial but he didn't. So I decide to make one myself, check out his version and give him a thumbs up!Lego assassin's creed hidden blade

P.S. The blade pops out by a rubber band, so when you flick up the blade the blade pops out, watch the video or gif and see how it works.

Step 1: Step1: the Body

Step 2: Step2: the Blade

Step 3: Step3: the Spring and the Decoration

So you can use any kind of rubber band for the spring, when you put it on, make sure the blade goes all way out. if it doesn't, try it until it hit the bottom. After that, you are ready to go on!

Step 4: Step4: the Lock

this the lock that makes the locks the blade in combat so it doesn't go back when you pushed it down, it's locked. If you pulled it up, it's unlocked so you can but the blade back. I recommend you to twisted it you want to unlock.

Step 5: Step5: the Back

this is optional, it doesn't affect anything.

Step 6: Step6: the Top

The decoration is optional, but it looks good!

Step 7: Step7: the End!

To put the blade back, you can either remove the back or the top to put the blade back on the gray blocking thing. after that, you are done! I can't show you how to make the gauntlet right now but I'll post it pretty soon. And I will probably make a crossbow edition of hidden blade from AC unity. Thanks for reading guys! and don't forget to vote me! Please leave me some comments, by the way, thanks!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    some of the pieces for the lock. sorry for not answering earlier... It would not let me into my account.

    3 replies

    well, you can just ignore the lock, but if you try to stab something with it the blade will go back. I will come up with something later.