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Introduction: Lego Atlas and P-Body

About: Cosplayer and artist, i also enjoy making neat stuff out of Legos. You can follow me on Twitter (@TheMagicalMark) to check out more of my artwork.

This will show you how to make Lego models of Atlas and P-body (or blue and orange, as referred to by GLaDOS) from the video game Portal 2.

They both are fully jointed and have portal guns.

The steps for each part are in the photos, the pieces you need to add are highlighted.

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Step 1: Begin Atlas.

First we'll build atlas.

Start with Atlas' main body.

The first pictures are the pieces you need to build him.

Step 2: Arms.

Now his arms.

Step 3: Legs.

And last, his legs.

Step 4: Portal Gun.

And of course the portal gun.

And that finishes Atlas!

Step 5: Begin P-Body.

Atom doesn't go anywhere without P-Body.

First his torso.

The first picture is the pieces you need to build him.

Step 6: Arms.

Next build his arms.

Step 7: Face Plate.

This next part is so you can put an eye on him.

Step 8: Legs.

Now his legs.

Step 9: Portal Gun.

Give P-Body a portal gun.

And P-Body is Done!

Step 10: Gallery.

Your done! have fun reenacting multilayer mode!

A few photos of them in action



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    33 Discussions

    Cool! I didn't have all the parts but I worked around that. Good job!

    hey, can you help me to bring me idea for make a robot, a mini robots... have you...???

    Their great but I think you could make the body a little bit bigger

    Favorite, and follow!

    Very nice. However, I used small claws to make up the arms of P-Body instead of the torch holders.