Lego Automated Attack/Defense Unit (AADU)

Introduction: Lego Automated Attack/Defense Unit (AADU)

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This is the LEGO Automated Attack/Defense Unit, or AADU. I built it on my own, without instruction. Here I will give you instruction on how to make it, including a list of pieces.

Step 1: Pieces

These are the pieces you will need. The only hard things should be the stretcher and the single white stud with a hole in it. (Sorry, camera isn't great, that 1x4 does have studs.)

Step 2: Body

Get your drill and add robot arms onto it. Put a T-bar into the wrist hole of the right arm. Next, put a holed stud on top of a 5 studded 1x1 and add it on. Add a clip in the right hand hole.

Step 3: Blaster Arm

Build the blaster shown above, then get your body and slot it into the left arm.

Step 4: Legs & Plating

Get your two hinged 1x4s (or double 1x2s?) and put a gridded 1x2 flat on the bottom plate. Once you have that, add the eye stud on the front and armor plating on the front and back.

Step 5: Shield (OPTIONAL)

Get out your shield and stretcher and flip them over. Ok, heres the strange part; lay the shield on the back of the stretcher and close the two wheels. It should take more than a little force to pull it out. So don't. Afterwards, attach your shield to the right hand of your bot.

Step 6: Done!

Now your'e done! Have fun with your posable LEGO figure and I hope you enjoyed my second Instructable!

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    how to builds
    how to builds

    6 years ago

    I love robots walkers guns and any time I want to build I take inspiration from 1 piece such as in my mech walker pack

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