Lego Balisong Knife

Introduction: Lego Balisong Knife

Today I will be showing you how to create a Lego Balisong kife. Do note that this knife is only to be used as a trainer for Balisong tricks. Do not use a real balisong there illegal almost everywhere.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

The Materials you will need are

the sides
      2 12x4 basses
      3 6x1 bricks
      3 4x1 bricks
      4 3x1 bricks
      5 2x1 bricks
      2 4x2 thin bricks
      4 4x1 thin bricks
      4 2x1 thin bricks
the middle
      2 4x2 thin bricks
      1 2x2 thin bricks
      1 1x2 thin bricks
      2 6x2 thin bricks
      1 4x1 brick with holes all the way through (bionicle type)
      2 special black pieces (bionicle) have a 4 prong on one side hole on the other      side   going the other directiion
      2 special black pieces#2 have 4 prong side and hole graber side

You'll be making two sides and one middle part picture shows all parts of knife seperated

Step 2: Making the Sides

Follow the photos in order to know how to put together

1. start with the base
2. add wide blocks all the way around except for two spaces at one end
3. go to the other side of the base and at side with opening attach 1 1x4 thin brick and 1 1x2 thin brick as shown
4.put 1 1x2 thin brick at the end so that one (prong) hangs off
5. flip to other side attach 1 2x4 thin brick to the bottom then 1 1x4 thin brick on top of that at the bottom

Step 3: Making the Middle

This is where the special pieces come in to play try not to get confused. You can see the finished middle at the top if that helps.
1. the first four pictures (excluding #1) show the special pieces i will be going by there photo number to help eliminate confusion.
2. make the base of the "balde" by placing the 2 2x6 thin bricks as shown in the picture
3. Leave a 2x1 space then attach a 4x2 thin brick
4. next is 1 2x2 thin brick
5. next is 1 4x2 thin brick
6. last part of the "blade" is 1 1x2 thin brick
7. on the 2x1 space left at the end of the blade attach special piece in photo #4
8. onto special #4 attach both pieces of photo #3 to the ends of #4 by the hole graber side
9. then onto special #3 attach pieces from photo #2 to the four prong end

Should look like picture #1

Step 4: Final Assembly

Now here comes the part to find out if you did it right now if not you can just go back and change it and it shouldn't be hard the design is quite simplistic
1. All that needs to be done is to attach special #2 to the prong end of your side  by the hole end of special #2
2. Do this for both sides of the balisong

FYI the two attachment points in this step can be very touchy if you want you can go back and attach them with some super glue or something i think i will for mine

Also, make sure when you attack special #2 to the prong that they line up together if not the knife won't open correctly and will also look silly.

to see mine in action go to the link below-beware the video is super glitchy

 SO ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, COMPLAINTS, OR CONCERNS can be sent to me through instructables.This is my first instructable so don't be too judgemental.

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