Lego Batman Helmet

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Hello guys, after reaching 1000 views, I made the Lego Batman Mask(Helmet), I used my unwillingly Domo as my model, and I did wear the mask myself, but it doesn't look pretty so I didn't post it.

Thanks for reading my instructables, I will make more stuff.

Step 1: Step 1 : Building Time!

The full instruction is here!

The details of photo is not very clear, I recommand you to download the file with full steps and material lists at the bottom of the page.

Tell me if the file doesn't work.

The color is blue because it's hard to see in black, you can use any color to build the lego batman helmet.

You need to download the free lego designer program to view the file:

P.S. When you are building the eye part, you don't want to build the white thing if you want to see through the helmet.

Step 2: Step2: End!

Thanks for reading guys!

I will make more stuff, leave me some comments or subscribe me!



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