Lego Bizon

Introduction: Lego Bizon

About: Sup guys? I'm Aj. My goal on instructables is to show you guys awesome things that you guys will love. I also follow my followers :)

Hey guys, I've made another gun featured in ghosts. This time, the Bizon! Also, people have been nagging me to get tutorials out. BELIEVE me, I will get them out.

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Step 1: Reload

The gun can be reloaded

Step 2: Sights

Here are the sights

Step 3: Charging Handle

The gun also features a charging handle.

Step 4: First Person

Here is a first person view of the gun

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    War pig
    War pig

    6 years ago on Introduction

    The body behind the grip could be a bit shorter...but besides that it's looks preety good....nice job