Lego Black Ops 2 Miniature Claw (bit Different)

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In this instructable i will be showing you what i think kind of looks like a black ops 2 claw its very easy to build but still a very good looking machine so lets get started

Step 1: De Pieces

There is quiet a lot of pieces to this but its mostly your average everyday lego pieces

Step 2: Putting Together the Main Base

As you see in pictures at the 4 stud space things onto the space inbeetween the base

Step 3: 2x3

Add a 2x3 piece from the edge of the bas to 1 before the end

Step 4: WHEELS

Add the wheels onto the sides

Step 5: Main Middle

In the middle of the base so on the edge of the 3x2 add 4 white studs then add smooth circular top

Step 6: Back/front

You can add this on either end of the claw either the 2x1 space which is not level or the space next to the middle YOU CHOOSE! When you've made up your mind add a handle bar on top of the other piece in the pic

Step 7: Backlight

Add a stud of any colour on top/ beneath kinda of the other piece when done add too the piece that you've just made

Step 8: Front Gun

Add the one stud piece on top of the movey thingy

Step 9: The Gun

Attach the holder thing to the bottom of a lightsaber then add a stud (of your choice)

Step 10: Another Stud

Add another stud on top of the thing thats holding the lightsaber

And your done

Step 11: Finished

This is it finished see the next slide to see what it could also look like

Step 12: 2nd Finished Product

This is also what it could look like pls leave a leave and also comment on what you want me to do cos if you leave a like AND COMMENT ill give you a SHOUTOUT in my next instruct

Step 13:

Step 14:



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