Lego Brass Knuckle Butterfly Knife

a very simple butterfly knife with knuckle guard.

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Step 1: Parts

You will need the parts shown. You can have different blades. The long connectors are 15 long. The short are 11 long

Step 2: Making Just the Butterfly Knife

Take four of the long connectors and connect them like the picture

Step 3: Adding Blade and Hammer

Add blade to the top of the black piece. Then put two blue connectors at the bottom of the side where the blade is. And now you are done with the butterfly knife itself

Step 4: Adding Knuckle Guard

Make two of what you see above

Step 5: Final Assembly

Connect guards to knife. As in picture above.

Step 6: Finished!!!!

No you are done. Have fun and don't cut your fingers off

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    Reply 3 years ago

    Muddyman12 I have a school project called genius hour and I am making a butterfly knife with a extra brass knucle and blade. I NEED SOME HELP. Pls reply as soon as possible. thankyou


    3 years ago

    does the brass knucle work when it is closed