Lego Brownies!





Introduction: Lego Brownies!

Hello everyone! In honor of lego brick contest i have made lego brownies which are delicious and fun to make !

Step 1: What Your Going to Need

Now for this i am using boxed brownie mix, but if you have a homemade recipe That works too.

~ Boxed brownie mix
~ A casserole dis
~ A pack (or bag) of M' M's
~ Some vanilla frosting
~ And food dye

Step 2: First Bake Brownies

First your going to wanna start by bake yoir brownies.

Step 3: Dying the Frosting

As your brownies are baking you can start by dying your frosting all different colors. A technique that i used was to separate the frosting into different bowls. Also the closer the color matches the m&m the better.

Step 4: Cutting the Brownies

Now cut your brownies into squares and rectangles. The squares are the smaller legos and the rectangles are the bigger ones.

Step 5: Frosting

Now gently spread the frosting on all the brownies.

Step 6: Adding M'&M'

Now place the m&ms on the brownies. The small ones will have 4 m&ms and the bigger ones will have 6 m&ms.

Step 7: Serve !

And now your done! These are so cute and tasty. Also super fun to do with kids. I hope you all enjoy this instructable and i will see you all next week!
~ Liz

Instagram~ liz_lindke



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    17 Discussions

    Any kind of casserole dish will work but the smaller the dish the smaller the brownies will be

    What kind of casserole dis do we use? Insert "yo casserole" joke here.

    And the way i matched the colors is by adding a good amount of food coloring and if it was to dark add a little more frosting. If it was to light i added more food coloring

    Thank you all for the support you all make me feel so amazing and important!

    Unbelivable! How you match frosting and M&Ms colors so fine?

    I am so using this idea to reward some kdg students this fall!

    Thanks for sharing...

    Thank you carterbond

    Yes kevanchristian the contest is toy building blocks. The brownies are support to look like legos.And my goal was try to do something different then the other entrees.

    1 reply

    AND! It is different. I think it is very cool and creative, taking a different approach doesn't do anything wrong. Who cares. It looks like lego, close enough for people to get the idea. I wish you luck in the contest. :) I shall vote for you.

    So great !

    Great idea!

    Look so yummy!! Fun idea!