Lego Butterfly Knife

Introduction: Lego Butterfly Knife

Hi in this tutorial I will be giving step by step instructions to make your very own Lego butterfly knife!

This is my first tutorial, I would appreciate if you could give me tips.

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Step 1: The Handle

  • for the handle you will need

4 15 hole bars

2 Double clips

Clip them together like shown in the picture and your done.

Step 2: The Blade

For the blade you will need,

4 cross separators

4 1 1/4 inch cross rods

2 3/4 inch cross rods

2 thin connector 4 digits ( don't know what they are called)

8 thin connectors 2 digits

1 silver tube (optional)

1 blade ( what ever fits)

1 "T" connector

Step 3: ​connecting the Handles and Finishing the Knife

to connect the handle you simply slide the top hole of the handles to the rod that you just put on in the last step.

Step 4: Finished!!!

I Hope you will enjoy this knife and have fun building it.

Please comment tips and subscribe.

I would love if you could vote for me in the Lego and knex contests.

thank you.

Step 5:

here is a video of me using it

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    14 Discussions

    Dude, where's my knife?

    (Seriously though, I saw the video and was blown away, very good job!)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    The correct name for what you've made is a balisong. A butterfly knife is a large almost machete like Chinese knife.

    Good looking balisong though

    The Rambler
    The Rambler

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Actually a balisong is commonly referred to as a butterfly knife, batangas knife, or fan knife. What you're referring to is a butterfly SWORD.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Like Decimation is commonly used to describe having a group of people wiped out, but actually refers to killing one in ten?
    You're correct that there is a designation of butterfly sword, but butterfly knife is also correct as the length can be as short as 12 inches or as long as 18 inches.
    A balisong is the native Tagalog designation. People began commonly calling them butterfly knives, seem to have done so for two reasons.
    One a manufacturer of the knife (Benchmade) used a butterfly for it's logo on the blade and secondly due to the fact that it seems to open it's handles like a creature spreading it's wings.
    As with my initial example, just because a word gains "common" usage, does in not in fact make the use correct.
    If the answer to any instructable is going to be in effect, "Whatever dude, I heard some guy call it a twizzlegarrot, so that's what I call it. Besides, like EVERBODY KNOWS, that's what it is."
    Apparently I don't know that that is what it is, hence my attempt to educate in my small way the correct term for an item. If someone in a position of knowledge can be criticized for ADDING to the discussion and GIVING information that is apparently lacking, then what precisely is the point of education, or comment, or self improvement in any way shape or form?

    The Rambler
    The Rambler

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    My point is not that the "commonly used definition" has precedence over the literal definition. My point is that when you are speaking english and something has an english word that it is commonly referred to as, then it's okay to call it that. For instance I didn't correct you and say that you should be using the native Chinese designation for a butterfly sword.

    I love that this website is about sharing information and positivity so I usually do a little checking before I do anything that someone might interpret as "trolling". In this case I noticed that you have been a member here for 4 years and your sole contribution in all that time has been to correct the author here on his use of the term butterfly knife. The reason I commented is because you didn't seem to be giving information or adding to a discussion at all but merely inserting yourself and using this forum as a way of leveling up your own ego. I realize that was completely my own interpretation of the situation and I apologize if that was not the case. I take offense when I see people eager to jump in and correct others when they have contributed nothing of their own so I probably came off stronger than I intended and I'm sorry if I offended you.

    Also, Captain EO, sorry if this has bothered you at all. You clearly didn't need anyone to jump in and defend you.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your concern about my ego.

    As for my tenure here and my sole contribution.

    I made a single correction, to an inaccurate term, that due to how common it is and how frequently it is used incorrectly. I just happened to comment on that one aspect, then compliment the actual work that was done, for it's own sake.

    You have chosen to be critical of my one statement in four years.

    What precisely do you feel you have added by doing so?

    What was your addition in assuming a problem with my ego?

    Commonality is the reason for such lovely things as people still voting Republican. People choosing to like what the advertisers tell them to like.

    Please don't worry about my ego.

    Perhaps you could instead ask yourself why you felt the need to respond to me at all?

    Is there a factual inaccuracy on my part?

    Was negative in my statements?

    It is my opinion that you are in over your head.

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    Even worse is someone who believes their knowledge is somehow universal.

    I try to learn from these little experiences, I wonder what if anything you will take away from this?


    5 years ago

    Not accusing u of copying but did u the idea off mine?


    This is totally great, thanks for sharing this on Instructables