Lego COIN to BUG Transformer!

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Name: Short Change.
Affiliation: Decepticon.
Class: Spy.
Weapons: Razor sharp claws. Razor sharp jaws with energon poison. Targets get paralyzed and sometimes die. Humans rarely survive bite.
Robot mode: Bug.
Alt-mode: 50c piece.
Hey a coin!
Why does it have this (Decepticon Symbol Here) symbol on it?
WHAT TH- (Static)
(Megatron doing a voice over of a guy (Jedijaxson))
Oh hello there!
Did you ever want a little transforming pet-robot-bug-coin-thing?
(Kids saying yeah!!!!!! Sound FX)
Well now you can have one!
This coin can transform into a little bug-friend-thing!
Only $199.99 (And $1000000000.99 S/H)!
Order now!
Call 1111,222,333 now (Don't really call XD You don't want to spend all that money, do you?)!

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Step 1: Get Some Energon and Metal Parts

Can I have some energon? I want to make a transformer like you!
Ratchet: Wait, why do you want to try to MAKE a cybertronian life form??? It's impossible! I'm out of here. Here's some energon because I know it won't work. I'll be back later to get my energon back.

Step 2: The Body

Make this and add some energon.

Step 3: Legs

Make and add more energon.

Step 4: Jaws and Finishing Touches

Make and add more energon, put energon poison into jaws (Optional).

Step 5: Transform and Roll Out!

Now add a spark to give it life.
(Ratchet comes back)
Alright, can I have my energon back no-
How did yo-

PS: To make it more coin-like, use light grey pieces :P
Or if you have them, SILVER pieces :D

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