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A lego cake is a great way to celebrate mother's day, birthdays, game themed parties and much much more!  I will explain how you can create this fun cake yourself!

Step 1: Materials Needed

You can create a cake from scratch or use your favorite mix.  Sometimes I like to jut make it easy on myself and Pillsbury is my friend.  Bake the cake to the package directions in a 11 X 15 pan, make as many blocks as you like.

You will need large marshmallows (I am a fan of Jet Puff by craft) 

Frosting (I make my own butter cream but you can use a store brand)

Food Dye to create your Lego color

Piping Bag and Tips

Step 2: Creating Your Lego

After you have made your cake, take your marshmallows and pipe a small dot on the bottom and place them on top of the cake. This will hold them in place as you pipe on your color.

I used Wilton tips and bags to pipe.  You can see the tip I used in the picture. 

Simply pipe the entire cake and marshmallows.  Use bright colors so you get that Lego block feel.  This cake was being made for a birthday so the child's name is piped on, but you could pipe on anything you want the cake to say or nothing at all. 

As you can see I made more than one block and cut some in half.  I placed them all on a large cake board.

Step 3: Tips and Thoughts

If you are a fondant kinda gal you could easily do the same cake using fondant.  I'm just not a huge fondant fan.

Don't forget your mom on mothers day, she is the building block of who you are what a great way to show her you remember!

Please feel free to ask any questions I'm happy to help you make your Lego cake. Enjoy!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    YUM!!! I've never used a piping bag is it hard? If you did a larger cake could you use cupcakes as the top pieces? This is a great idea and I would love to make this for my mother for mother's day, she would get a kick out of it! Great 'able!

    1 reply

    No, it's not hard at all, if you are nervous you can practice on a sheet of paper before trying the cake. Yes, I think you could use a cup cake, I would cut the top off even so the pegs on the Lego are uniformed. Thanks for the comment!