Lego Candy/Sweets Bowl

This box make a good centerpiece for your candies! Or make it a fruit bowl if you like.

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Step 1: Base Plate

Get a 16x16 base plate to use as your base.

Step 2: The Walls

Choose a design you would like to make. Use bricks like shown to make the first layer of your wall.

Step 3: Make the Second Layer

Make another layer of the wall.

Step 4: Make the Third Layer

This will be the third layer.

Step 5: Make the Fourth Layer

Make the fourth layer. You are almost done!

Step 6: 5th Layer

Make the 5th layer and you will be almost done.

Step 7: Tile It Up

Tile the entire wall.

Step 8: And... Done

Good job. You finished your Candy/Snack bowl.

Step 9: Where to Get the Candy?

Candy is a necessity if this is built, great places to get candy are, See's Candy, Big Island Candies, Safeway, and maybe your local drug store.

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