Lego Car

This car is fairly simple to make and some parts can be exchanged

Step 1: Parts

These are the parts you need. Again you can change some to suit

Step 2:

First add the two motors to the main body

Step 3:

Next add some doors

Step 4:

Fourth add the back and sides to your car

Step 5:

Add a four by four roof and a steering wheel

Step 6: Now for the Bottom

Add two 2x1 blocks to fill out the holes in the front and back of the car

Step 7:

Next add a 2x2 block to the back of the car. This will raise the back and (I think) will make the car look a little cooler

Step 8:

Now add two 2x2 bricks to the front and back of the car

Step 9:

Now last of all add the wheels and enjoy



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