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Introduction: Lego Car

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Welcome to my 15 instructable! Here you will learn how to make a Lego Car. The steps are easy to follow so you can get this done in no time (or like 5 minutes)!

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...So lets get started!

Step 1: Materials

The materials are in the picture above! If you don't recognize a part just PM me and I will explain what they are!

Step 2: The Base

In this step we will make the base of the car! Just follow the pictures!

Step 3: First Parts

Step 4: Drivers Seat

Follow the images!

Step 5: Car Front

Follow the images! 

Step 6: Car Back

Follow the images!

Step 7: Finish!

I hope you guys liked my instructable, and if you did make sure to follow me and like! See you soon!



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    14 Discussions

    cool thanks

    You are a very expert boy!!!!!!!!!

    Power functions would be hard to fit into a car this size, but ya, it would be cool to make it into a controllable vehicle!