Lego Catipult

These are the supplies that you will need for this build.


5 4x2 bricks

1 trailer piece

3 3x2 bricks

10 2x2 bricks

2 Technic joints

1 4x2 with pins on the sides

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Step 1: Start Building Your Base

Take 4 2x2s and stack them as shown.

Step 2: Building Base

Repeat step one on top of what you already have.

Step 3: Attach Hinge 1

Take one of the Technic hinges and put it on the top as shown.

Step 4: Attach Hinge 2

Repeat the previous step on pillar 2.

Step 5: Attach Hinge Joiner

Take the 2x4 with pins and place it in as shown.

Step 6: Build Attaching Segment

Take 2 2x4s and place them on top of the hinge bar.

Step 7: Build Projectile Holder

Set aside what you just built and get your trailer piece out.

Step 8: Build Projectile Holder

Take some of the remaining pieces that you have and make a holder. My design is above.

Step 9: Combine the Two

Combine the two parts like so.

Step 10: Finish!

You are now finished with this build!

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    mef man

    8 days ago on Step 4

    Sorry, I put the wrong picture in on number 4. Just do what it says