Lego Charging Dock

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This is a compact little gadget that is compatible with iPhone/iPod using it as a cradle whilst charging your device it isn't overpriced like the official docks but works just as well and you can also say that you made it!

Step 1: The Base

The dock will be no wider than 8 studs put bricks together to make a 8x4 stud rectangle

Step 2: The Wire Gap

Decide which side will be the back once chosen use a 4x1 and a 3x1 to create a gap also put 2 flat pieces together and put them in the gap

Step 3: The Walls

Use several ?x1 blocks to create a wall to hold your charger end

Step 4: Securing the Connector

Depending on if your using a genuine cable or not this should work with the cheap cables they will fit stug in a 4x1 gap you may need to use some sort of adhesive to hold it even bluetack works! Use 2x L shape blocks and place them on either side then use a 6x1 block for the back rested on 4x 2x1 blocks inside the gap

Step 5: Hooks and Crannies

Add more ?x1 blocks round the edge to make it all flush if you are adding the sim tray pin hook add a hook block or 2

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Add smooth flat blocks to make it flush with the end of the connector this also allows your iphone or ipod to connect properly



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    5 years ago

    No glueing required?


    5 years ago