Lego Chess!




Introduction: Lego Chess!

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what to do on a rainy day! build a lego chess board/set. Hope you enjoy! (since I spent 3 hours on making this)

Step 1: What Do You Need.

1. some kind of a plate to put everything on.
2. 32 white 2x2 blocks and 32 black ones
3. 32 round grey things (I don't know how you call them)
4. 20 white 1x1 blocks and 20 black ones
5. 4 round white things and 4 black ones
6. 4 white half triangles and 4 black ones
7. 1 white flat 2x2 and a black one
8. 1 white flat 2x1 and a black one
9. 2 minifigure heads
10. a black and a white hat

Step 2: Build the Board

this part is simple, just put all the black and white 2x2 on the grey plate like the picture.

Step 3: Building the Pawns

we're going to make 8 white ones and 8 black ones, the pawns aren't difficult at all. You take 1 round grey piece and on top of that you put a white (or black) 1x1 piece! repeat this 8 times for the white and 8 times for the black.

Step 4: Building the Knight

too many pieces... would you mind just looking at the pictures? ;)

Step 5: Building the Bishop

pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

Step 6: Building the Rook

wow these pictures start to annoy me ;)

Step 7: Building the Queen

pieces, pieces everywhere

Step 8: Final Piece!: Building the King!!! :D

yeah, he's the king!

Step 9: But Where's All the Black?!

just repeat all the pieces but use black instead!

Step 10: Ready for a Game of Chess!

now you only have to find someone to play with! Enjoy!



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    yeah but that's just plain and stupid

    Perfect for playing chess without the actual Gameboard!

    Perfect for playing chess without the actual Gameboard!

    Awesome, I'll make one right now!

    that's good but, the head make it so bad d8l



    4 years ago

    So cute :)

    Heh this is genius. My kids are going to want to build this for sure :)

    Hey, great thought!
    using this, now we could even play chess in a moving vehicle, of course on back seat, and not while driving :P

    @TheDoctor11 Ah thanks! didn't know that, since I'm not from a country where they speak english my english isn't really well. will change it right now

    2 replies

    The netherlands. But I'm trying to learn all the english now 'cause we immigrated to canada just 3 months ago ;)