Lego Chopper Instructable




Intro: Lego Chopper Instructable

This instructable provides step-by-step instructions to construct the heavy-duty chopper pictured here.

Step 1: Propeller Assembly

Assemble four 1x6 pieces (2R,2Y) together on a single flat 2x2 piece (R) as pictured. Assembly should resemble a pinwheel-type pattern.

Step 2: Roof Assembly

(a) Assemble two 4x1 pieces (R), one flat 2x4 piece (GRY), and one angled 2x2 piece (R) as pictured.

(b) Add two flat L-shaped pieces (GRN), one flat 2x4 piece (GRY), and 2x2 spindle piece (W) to top of roof assembly as pictured.

Step 3: Body Assembly

(a) Assemble four flat 2x4 pieces (2R,2GRY), two 1x6 pieces (BLU), and one 2x6 piece (R) as pictured to form base of body assembly.

(b) Add on windshield, one 2x4 piece (R), one 1x4 piece (R), and two 2x6 pieces (1R,1Y) as pictured to complete body assembly.

Step 4: Landing Gear

Assemble two flat 1x6 pieces (GRY) and two 1x2 pieces (Y) to create the simple landing gear as pictured.

Step 5: Final Assembly

(a) Attach roof assembly to top of body assembly as pictured.

(b) Attach propeller assembly to spindle piece of roof assembly as pictured (center hole of propeller underside should fit over spindle).

(c) Attach landing gear to bottom of body assembly as pictured.

Step 6: Assembly Is Complete!



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