Lego Clash of Clans Builders Hut!!

Introduction: Lego Clash of Clans Builders Hut!!

This is yet another clash of clans modal! So I was thinking after the town hall project and thought to myself "you know how is anyone going to be able to build the town hall or any other modals if they don't have a builders hit? " so I went to work making a builders hut. Hope you guys like it!

Step 1: The Supplies.

Ok this is that you'll need. There is a 1x2 grey brick that I left out and 2 1x1 brown bricks that ill use for supports. I didn't have every brick but you'll get how it goes together.

Step 2: The Base

Ok so first start with the tiles. Then work on the walls. when you come to the window there is a 1x1 tile there (that's why its smooth). Then add two 1x2 grey bricks to the back and top that off with a 1x2 grey plate on top. and build the base of the roof.

Step 3: The Roof.

Now add the wide hinge brick and add a 1x1 brown brick to add onto the supports. then add a 1x1 grey slope to either side of the base and then add your roof.

Step 4: The Builders Crest.

Build the builders crest and then your done!!! You just set the crest on the roof btw. Hope you all enjoyed the build! thanks for viewing remember to vote and check out my other models! Thanks!

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