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hello everyone, i am currently working on, though almost finished, building a Lego induction coil winder, which as the name suggests, is a coil winder made from Lego.
this winder is made specifically for making coils to use for coil guns.

Its a basic motor and line feeder setup, though soon i will add a pulse width modulator for both the line feeder and the winding motor, to control the speeds. and i will post all specs, along with a 3D rendered animation of how to put it together, and basic Lego instructions (made with Lego software if at all possible), plus schematics for the speed controllers.

The line feeder when completed will use a flip flop relay setup, and two contacts at the ends of the toothed bar, and each time the line feeder touches them, it will change the state of the relay (on / off ), and move in the opposite direction.

Ill add more photos when this is all done, but for now, here is what Ive done thus far. there is no speed controlling, though it spins at an appreciable rate, and the line feeder needs to be worked by hand (since i don't have a second motor, though one is on its way ), but its all fine.
For obvious reasons the wire needs to be already spooled, which is what Ive done in the picture. i wound up all the wire onto a spool, off of a piece of wood, so that i may use it to properly wind a coil.

soon also i will make a better way to secure things onto the Lego, but since for the moment im winding onto Lego which as the same diameter as the inner diameter of my coil gun copper tube barrel, there's no need.

sorry the photos are a little blurry, its because my room is so dark even with the light on, and my camera enhanced the photo.
-edit- i just added the 12mp photos as the first 4

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    4 years ago

    Very interested! Made a very rudimentary coil winder of my own and it definitely needs improvements! Photos here:

    yeah with lego thats pretty much impossible, youde need like a dual direction worm gear which has threading going both clockwise and anticlockwise.
    I found though the best solution to be to place two contacts or light pressure buttons on the ends of the rail and then use a bistable switching circuit to drive the motor.
    This means you can change the polarity of power when the feeder hits the end of the rail. hence causing the motor driving it to immediately reverse. alternatively you could do as im soon going to do, which is use a lego NXT with stepper motors, which seems a great deal smarter and more accurate. also im gonna 3D print some better line feeder parts to be more accurate and less limited to the legos capabilities, at least, for my proper coilgun coil anyway

    Ive disovered that this cant wind multilayered coils :(
    The wire simply wont overlap, which is very good if your winding a single layer coil.

    Im going to make some big changes so this doesnt happen, also when i next post new photos, ill have added the PWM's, and other components.