Lego Container Ship

Introduction: Lego Container Ship

This is a fun Lego project for anyone who has a connection with container ships in their lives. It's simple, easy, and captures the wonders of container vessels!

Step 1:

Here are the Lego pieces you'll need to make the container ship:

1 4x4
4 2x6
1 propeller piece
1 propeller attachment piece
1 1x4
2 spot Legos, of different colors
1 flat 2x10
1 flat 4x10
26 1x2

Step 2:

First, take the black propeller piece and its rotational attachment, and stick them together, as shown. The propeller should be free to rotate around its center when it's properly attached.

Step 3:

Next, take two of the 1x2 pieces and attach them both to the top of the propeller's rotational attachment piece, creating a stack of three total 1x2s, as shown.

Step 4:

Take the two larger flat pieces: the 2x10 and 4x10. Begin placing 1x2 pieces on them so their long axes are parallel to the long axes of the flat pieces. (See photos if that's confusing.) These 1x2s will form the containers of your ship!

Step 5:

Fill 1x2s on the flat pieces until all but the last two rows of four are covered by them. Next, take one of the 2x6 pieces...

Step 6:

...And attach it along the open rows, hooking the two flat pieces together. The bed of the vessel is complete! Next, stack the other two 2x6 pieces on top of the one on the bed, so there are a total of three on what will be the back of the ship.

Step 7:

Take the flat 4x4, 1x4, and spot pieces and attach together as shown. This is going to form the cockpit of our container ship.

Step 8:

Last, combine the separate parts together! Place the cockpit on top of the stack of three 2x6 pieces to complete the above-water section of the ship. Then attach the propeller portion to the bottom of the "bed," making sure to keep the propeller in the center of the bed. That's it! You now have the wonder of a Lego model of one of the most important cargo transport devices in the world's economy. Feel free to do with it what you please -- the possibilities are truly endless!

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