Lego Crime Fighting Cave

Introduction: Lego Crime Fighting Cave

This is very fun and I think you will like it.

Step 1: Heroes

There a 3 majestic heroes. The 2 in the jumpsuit are more out in the field. The 1 in the tuxedo is the techno guy. Occasionally he will help the jumpsuit boys.

Step 2: Metal Detector/ X-ray

Every time someone or something comes in it does an X-ray to see if the heroes or villains are trying to come in.

Step 3: Prisoner Containment Center

The PCC is a tightly compacted prison that holds the prisoner very well.

Step 4: Vehicles

In the garage we have 4 vehicles. A glider, a motorcycle, a car and a surf/snow board.

Step 5: Computer

It may look strange but this computer is capable of many things, locating villains, watching the streets and the inside buildings and contacting people.

Step 6: Crime Fighting Gear

I saved the best for last. We have many cool gadgets and gizmos. We have a indestructible helmet, an explosives pack, a giant ninja star, a grappling hook, handcuffs, a nuclear missile, night-vision googles, a crime scanner and 2 samurai swords.

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    7 years ago

    Everything but the kitchen sink!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    An indestructible helmet sound mighty handy when you are fighting crime.