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Introduction: Lego Dead Space

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I present to you some dead space-y mini figures! I have no life and love me some dead space. Enjoy and please vote for me!

What you'll need:
Lego figure(s)
Paint (I used acrylic, it went on smooth but dried rough so I'm sure there's a better paint to use for it, I'm just not that knowledgable of paints. If there is please share in comments)
Possibly a soldering iron

Step 1: Choosing a Mini Figure

Easy enough. Just about any should do fine but I find Star Wars mini figures work best since they already have a sci-fi look about them and most come with a helmet. Usually you can also get multiple figures in a building set for pretty cheap.

There are some other sci-fi types out there, my favorite was part of series 11 I think. It's the one with the bulky shoulders.

Step 2: Detailing

Sorry I don't have any pics for a small part of the actual process for this one, but I don't have any more figures I can use. It's pretty simple anyways so it's not like you need a step by step picture-based process.

First, decide if you want a helmet or not. If you do then you should get a pocket knife (I used a razor knife for finer areas) and scrape off the paint that's already there (if needed, on one of them I used a sharpie since the helmet was black) use the pictures above as a reference on how to hold the knife so you don't take out chunks, yes you hold it so you drag it across instead of cutting into the face of the material. Then paint in the lines for the vizor look, use any color you want!

Now for the RIG. Paint/sharpie a thick black line part way down the back to do an outline. Then use the same color you used on the vizor just inside the black line you made prior and put thin black lines across. If you feel really artistic, you can paint up a stasis module!

Step 3: Finer Detailing

The figure I mentioned earlier that I said was my favorite, the added armor had some cheesy logo on it that I painted over. You could use a finer brush on pieces like this so you don't go over the ridges in the armor.

Step 4: Necromorphs!!!

Building a necromorph is really tricky in the sense that lego is pretty restricted like that.
With the materials I have this is the best I could make. I'm going to attempt to melt his stomach some so he looks more gored... But no promises on the end result

Step 5: Necromorphs!!! Pt 2

So using a soldering pen to add gore drastically helps. As you can see I got a little carried away and soldered the neck stub to make it look beheaded... Very nice, I know.

First I took the pen and melted it from the inside in between the holder pieces (so the legs would still stay), then I soldered around the "wound" from the outside to clean the edges and add 'claw marks' (poor quality prevents being able to see in second and third pic). I also added a gash down the torso next to the open belly.

Step 6: What Could All This Be Used For...!

Now the funnest part of all this: PICTURES!

Again, vote for me but only if you really liked it. Also if you have any tips I'd like to hear it and if you'd like to share your own id like to see that too lol. Well either way, hope you enjoyed!

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