Lego Donald Duck Battery Charger

Introduction: Lego Donald Duck Battery Charger

Hi, this is my first Instructable, I hope you enjoy it. I am Sem, twelve year old and I live in Belgium.

As I am a big fan of Donald I wanted to build a big one who I can use as a GSM changer/stand.

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Step 1: The Yellow Feet.

First we start with the feet. Take a baseplate and work from the middle.

Use the yellow blocks for the feet. One foot has a width from 14 and 15 deep.

The legs are 5 full block high.

Step 2: The White Belly.

For the belly you use only white blocks, the inside does not matter because you do not see it afterwards. The height is about 4 blocks.

Step 3: The Jacket.

Make the jacket also 4 blocks high in blue. Watch the hollow space. It will be used for a power bank to change the phone afterwards.

Step 4: The Red Bow.

Donald wears a red bow, so we make this also.

It has a H-shape width 8, deep 3 and 3 high.

Put it on the blue jacket.

Step 5: Power Bank.

Place the power bank into Donald, connect the cable

Step 6: The Arms.

Make a left and a (mirrored) right arm. The arms are hollow. This is for transporting the charger cable. Look especially how I connected the arms to the body. Afterwards you can move the arms up and down.

Step 7: Connect the Arms.

Connect both arms to the body. Transport the cable to the belly of Donald.

Step 8: The Neck.

Use a turntable 4x4 square base and build white bocks around it.

Step 9: The Beak and the Face.

Take some time to build this, this is the most important part of Donald.

Step 10: The Hands.

Construct the hands in a way that it can hold your phone.

Step 11: Ready!

I hope you enjoyed it!

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    1 year ago

    Whoa, awesome job with the structure! My younger brother LOVES Donald Duck, and he would love this.

    My favorite Donald episode is “Chef Donald”.