Lego Door Knob




Introduction: Lego Door Knob

  A fun and simply project to give a kids room their own personal door knob.

Est. project time: 15min plus glue dry time 

Step 1: Lego Door Knob

Materials needed:

      Legos (this one was made with all 2x4 and 2x2 bricks)
      CA glue (or epoxy)
      Brad Point Drill bits

 Step 1: 
        Layout your legos in a pattern that is colorful and close to shape of door knob
      (you can get much more creative if you have different shaped bricks)

Step 2: Lego Door Knob


 Step 2: 

     Glue together your legos  (skuff sand bricks for a better glue bond)

     Have a napkin near by to remove squeeze out as quickly as possible

    Glue the bottoms to help with strength.

Step 3: Lego Door Knob

Step 3:

    Layout knob and glue together

Step 4: Lego Door Know

Step 4: 

     Fill the center section with putty  (Durhams water putty is real strong)
   This area will be where the new knob will connect to the old.

   I replacing the inside knob since it has no spring to try to recreate.

Step 5: Lego Door Knob

  Step 5:

     As putty hardens up you can slide the center bar into make a snug fit.
     If you wait to long a 3/8" hole does a good job.

Step 6: Lego Door Knob

  Step 6:

     Transfer hole locations from original door know and drill them out with a brad point bit to avoid bit wandering.

Step 7: Lego Door Knob

Step 7:

     Attach new baseplate to door just like you would a regular door knob.

    Make sure glue is dry before trying to tighten to much.

Step 8: Lego Door Knob

Step 8:

    Adjust depth of center hole to proper depth.

Step 9: Lego Door Knob

Step 9:

   Screws are now hidden. Make sure you left clearance to turn knob without sticking.

Step 10: Lego Door Knob

     Hints I have found during building:

              - Make sure you completly cover the old door knob hole
              - One of the knobs has a spring, so make sure to keep that one (it can be switched to the inside of the room if desired)
              - A standard door knob set is made of knobs that connect together and squeeze tight on the door. This one involves a seperate baseplate. Because of this you may need to glue the center shaft onto the knobs (use something removable if you need to work on the door knob) 

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    15 Discussions


    4 years ago

    That's awsome!!!

    What if I have a door with a handle you push down?

    1 reply

    This would work instead, or you could create your own design and post it.

    I love this!!! Can't wait to try it on the playroom door!!!

    This is really awesome but dosent it hurt to open the door

    the idea is good but but it seems to big for a children hand...

    1 reply

    It is easy to size for any one you want. The main picture is my 5yr old testing the fit.

    Great for a kids room, bad thing is you might have to glue the legos together to prevent them coming off and becoming a choke hazard. Depending on the kids age of course

    Haha cool! Great job and congratz!