Lego Double Barrel Rocket Launcher

Introduction: Lego Double Barrel Rocket Launcher

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 This is an instructable on how to build a double barreled rocket launcher. This is also my first instructable, so please be polite (although constructive criticism is welcome!) So here are the pros and cons:


-Compact (5" wide, 7" long, 9" tall)
-Two barrels for twice the firepower
-360 degree rotating base (optional)
-Ammo flexibility (many types can be used)
-Very Durable (Other than gun-to-base connection)
-Easily modified (you could add to make it four barreled, or add a handle to convert it to a pistol!)
Range 15-20 feet (good considering its size)


-Slow to reload
-Not as powerful as some

So let's get started. Please comment! Also, if enough people aren't satisfied with the photos, I will try to get better documentation for you. I hope to upgrade the model sometime, but for now enjoy!

Step 1: The Base

 This is an optional step if you have very few pieces, are short on time, or are planning on using this as a handgun. But it is a lot cooler if you add it.
It is basically a 16x16 stud (stud being one "bump") piece of bricks as thick as you like on a small rotating mount. It gives room for ammo storage and stability for the gun. The base will also give your gun barrel some elevation.

Step 2: Front Support

 This is an extension to the base. It will support the front end of the barrel. So as we plunge onward...

Step 3: The Barrel

 This is where the bullets will come out. The thing on top is to make the rubber band stretch and stay in place. The double barrel is easily seen. The whole thing will turn out as a big block with two holes in the front. The back is a little harder; I will put that in the next step.

Step 4: Firing Pin and Trigger

 The trigger is a block trigger that slides up to open the holes for the firing pin. The pin and trigger are easy to make, but it will take a bit more to attach them to the model.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

 Pretty easy. Follow the pictures. A few special notes, but understandable.

Step 6: Range Stats

 Just some images of distance I got from it. This is just with two rubber bands, remember. (Some may think I am over-excited, but it is my first instructable)

Step 7: Launcher Complete!

 Wahoo! You're done. Do anything you want with it (fire it, modify it, show it to your friends, smash it). But whatever you do with it, thanks for building!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This was really hard at first, and I felt like smashing it sometimes, but I didn't and it paid off! I used extra strong elastics though, and dented my mom's wall. She is gonna kill me!


    Reply 2 years ago



    9 years ago on Step 5

    What set did those missles come in? great "ible" btw. 5 stars.