Lego Dragonfire

Introduction: Lego Dragonfire

About: Love any lego or bionicle type instructables (but also other stuff). And also love making bionicle and lego instructables. Not gonna lie, my uploads will be very spotty, and I don't post too often. But you m...

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Step 3: Done!

That's right guys I finally made another instructable. Sorry I was out for a while, but I have school now so it will be harder. But I am trying. Please favorite if you loved it, and follow if you want more. Also feel free to leave any suggestions on what you want me to build next in the comments, and if I pick your idea I will give you credit in my next instructable. Finally, I want to make a team name for my followers (like pewdiepie and his bros) so leave suggestions for that in the comments as well. So bye guys!

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