Lego Dune Buggy

Introduction: Lego Dune Buggy

About: I am 10 years old i like Lego and origami it is very creative and fun . ••••••••••••••••••••••&b...

This may look hard but it is very easy because the steps are small.


Step 1: Base

Step 2: Assemble

Assemble pieces

Step 3: Dash

Step 4: Assemble

Step 5: Attach to Buggy

Step 6: Engine

Step 7: Assemble

Step 8: Attach to Buggy

Step 9: Headlights

Step 10: Assemble

Step 11: Attach to Buggy

Step 12: Doors

Step 13: Assemble

Step 14: Attach to Buggy

Step 15: Back and Windshield

Step 16: Assemble

Step 17: Attach to Buggy

Step 18: Wheels

Step 19: Finish

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