Lego Emergency Money Safe




Scared someone might steal your emergency money? You can now hide your money in this hard to open safe! Uses a key and everything.

Step 1: The Base

Get a 4x12 base plate. Put tiles along the middle of it until there is two rows of stud left.

Step 2: Make the Housing

Make one layer of bricks around the tiles as shown in the pic. Then, make another housing layer but put another 2x4 brick by the other one. Refer to the picture

Step 3: Make a Holder

Get a 2x10. Put 2 1x8 tiles in the middle. At the end put 2 1x1 tiles. On the other side, put a regular 1x1 brick with a 1x1 brick with a hole in the center. Top it off with a 1x2 base plate. If that was confusing please refer to the picture.

Step 4: Make the Roof

Cover the entire thing; make another layer.

Step 5: Money

Roll up your money as tight as you can. Put it on the holder and insert the holder in the hole.

Step 6: Throw It Around.

Toss it in the air don't try to break it with force. Test if it will hold.

Step 7: The Key

Get a Lego Stick and use it as a key. Twist it around in the hole and the safe will open, giving you your money.

Step 8: Enjoy

Without the key, you can't open it. The only way is taking it apart. Keep an extra key at hand. :D find a good hiding spot. You can decorate it and make it look like something it's not. Enjoy and please like! If you have any concerns, write them in the comments. Thank you!



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I always had trouple getting my lego creations to stay together.


    4 years ago

    "Throw at wall"


    4 years ago

    In case of emergency, throw atwa until it breaks then take the money, thrust me, when the time comes, that's what's gonna happen