Lego Fidget Cube




Introduction: Lego Fidget Cube

We are going to make a lego fidget cube.

Step 1: Lego Fidget Cube

Step one: Get one four by four blue base plate.

Step 2: Lego Fidget Cube

step two: get 5 one by two yellow base plates.

Step 3: Lego Fidget Cube

step three: get another four by four blue base plate.

Step 4: Lego Fidget Cube

step four: get two one by two yellow blocks.

Step 5: Lego Fidget Cube

step five: get 4 two by two dark blue lego tiles.

Step 6: Lego Fidget Cube

step six: get one blue corner plate.

Step 7: Lego Fidget Cube

step seven: get one two by one blue one hole brick.

Step 8: Lego Fidget Cube

step eight: get one two by one yellow one hole brick.

Step 9: Lego Fidget Cube

step nine: get 4 one by two blue plates.

Step 10: Lego Fidget Cube

step ten: get 2 one by four plates.

Step 11: Lego Fidget Cube

step eleven: get 2 one by one blocks.

Step 12: Lego Fidget Cube

step 12: get one 2 by one clip piece , get on gas pump piece, get one red round one by one piece, get one 2 by one unclip piece and get 2 racing tires and one yellow clip together piece.

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    Question 9 months ago on Introduction

    How am I supposed to build this? There are no instructions for how to actually put it together

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Fun project. My son would probably love one of these. I am going to have to show this to him.