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Introduction: Lego Fingerboard

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Remember those mini skateboards that everyone had a few years back? Well, i didn't have any. I felt very left out because of it. I begged my parents for them over and over again, but they wouldn't give in, (until later when i had lost interest.) So i did what lego people do. When you can't have something, you make it yourself.

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Step 1: What You Need

-2x 13x1 technic pcs (1)
-6x black triple connector pcs (2)
-4x medium pulleys (look like skateboard wheels) (3)
-4x small pulleys with "x" shape in middle (4)
-2x size 1 rods (red or black color, "x" shaped cross section) (5)
-2x size 4 rods (black color, "x" shaped cross section) (6)
-2x vertical-horizontal adaptors (black color, "x" shaped base, circular top) (7)
-1x 7x1 technic pc (8)
-2x double circular to single "x" adaptors (9)

Step 2: Making the Board 1

Take one of the 13x1 technic pcs, and put the triple connectors in as shown.

Step 3: Making the Board 2

Add the yellow adaptors as shown, (they might be a different color).

Step 4: Making the Trucks

Put the size 1 rods in the black adapters as shown.

Step 5: Attaching the Trucks

Insert the base of the trucks into the other adapters in the board as shown. Make sure they are facing the right way so the fingerboard will roll forward, not sideways.

Step 6: Finishing the Board

Add the middle part of the board, (the smaller technic piece), and then the other side, which should be the same as the first piece you used.

Step 7: Making the Wheels

Add the size 4 rods, then put the wheels on, then the small pulleys last.

Step 8: Profit!

Your done! Have fun finger-boarding like the cool kids!

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9 Discussions


4 years ago

Very cool. I would take the outer yellow pieces(the 1x3s)and raise the outside edge up so you can ollie with it.

Cool!!!! I've always liked FingerBoards, and I've been trying to make a lego one for a long time! Thanks! ;)


8 years ago on Introduction

Cool! Lego actually used to have sets called Lego Sports, but they had custom skateboards inside the sets for the minifigures.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Nice! But I believe they are very rare... so they may be pricy or hard to find.