Lego Fireplace

Introduction: Lego Fireplace

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This is a easy model and requires simple bricks.

Step 1: The First Parts

First you get the variety of pieces shown here. You will need four 1X2 Lego bricks, one 1X1 headlight brick on the left side inward facing, and [one corner piece (optional)] and a fire grate.

Step 2: The Second Parts.

You can just use any old bricks you want on this step.

Step 3: The Third Parts

Get orange, red, yellow transparent bricks for the fire and place them in the middle. Stick a flame element into the headlight brick, too.You may also place brown blocks as wood.

Step 4: The Fireplace Finishing

Place a 6X4 flat plate on the top and put decorations on the mantelpiece such as a book case or a diamond, etc. Thanks for building with CreepOre! Please comment.

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