Lego Flamethrower





Introduction: Lego Flamethrower

Here is a flamethrower you can make for your lego figures.

Step 1: Here Is What You Need:

Step 2: This Is the Most Unusual Piece:

Step 3: Attach Pieces Directly to the Hammer.

Step 4: Keep Attaching...

The tiny ones in the middle are lego figure hands.

Step 5: Attach Flame to Tiny Hole Here:

Step 6: Add It to the Hammer...

Step 7: ...ready to Fire!



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    8 Discussions

    I like the guy at the end he's like so cool!

    This is awesome

    yeah i have some of those pieces im just missing the flame and hammer

    Since these pieces are unusual, it would help others reading this to know where you got them. Which set? If you know the LEGO item number, that would be even more awesome.

    4 replies

    The second can be found in a lot of pirate themed sets

    The third can be found on any minifigure with black hands

    The fourth can be found in bionicle minifigs (but is a generally common piece)