Lego Flick-Fire Missile Launcher




Introduction: Lego Flick-Fire Missile Launcher

We have designed a spring loaded flick-fire missile launcher using 15 Lego pieces.  Follow the step by step photo instructions to make you own.  Then take the basic launcher and turn it into a battle station, space ship, tank, or any other things you can imagine. 

Step 1:

These are the pieces you will need.  Obviously, you can make substitutions where necessary or desired.

Step 2:

Black pegs inserted into springs.

Step 3:

Insert the other side of each black peg into the Technic 6x1 block as shown.

Step 4:

Snap the two pieces you just made onto your base plate.

Step 5:

Snap on the 3 Technic 2x1 blocks as shown.

Step 6:

Load the springs with the Technic stick.

Step 7:

Build and insert you flick-fire missles.  You are now ready to launch.

Step 8:

Here it is in action. 



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    13 Discussions

    I tried to see how this contraption works but i don't rally know how to fire it I have it made at my house... So if you can tell me how to fire this that will be great!
    Thank you for your time!

    1 reply

    You fire it by pulling out the technic stick once the missiles are loaded.

    the clone sounds funny...... GOOD INSTRUCTABLE

    man your son is gonna be a engineer soon i hope because he is smart and very creative