The Lego Gaming Computer

Introduction: The Lego Gaming Computer

Here lies where an intro to this creation should be; but alas, it is not.

Specs, design history and the system in action will be presented at a later time.
For now, enjoy the pics and three videos posted; woo! =]

(Once I have all the videos done, I'll reorganize this entire page!!]

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Step 1: Dos Videos So Far; No, Not DOS.. =o

Step 2: Look at More Photos! =P


Step 3: Who the Funk Wants More Photos? Gosh! -_O

Step 4: More...!?

I'll post another video soon enough; eventually..

Step 5: Moar, Moar, Er, More!

Step 6: Quick History of Design..

Here's a video demoing some of the design phases I went through.

Originally, I was going to put a mesh on the top and call it a day, but I felt like it was cheating as I'd be using non-Lego pieces for the design.
[I always put certain rules for my projects, due to OCD...]

And as for the power button - I loved the Lego head look but felt it was too "graphic" for a kid's computer, lol. =]

Step 7: The Rest of the Dang Photos..

Okay, so these are the last of the photos; woo.

What to expect next?
~3 more videos pertaining the creation and usage of this device. =]

Step 8: And Now the Owner Is... a Four Year Old!

Yes, that is a PS Vita TV - but don't worry about that..

Check this last video out! =D


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