Lego Glasses




Introduction: Lego Glasses

These glasses are really cool because you can actually wear them! You can even customize the colors and add details like clear bricks to be even more like real glasses. They would also be great as part of an 8-bit costume. 

Step 1:

The bricks you will need are:
-12 1x2s
-3 1x3s
-4 1x6s
-2 1x8s

Step 2:

Create the base with 2 1x6s. Stack a total of 6 1x2s, as shown in the picture.

Step 3:

Bridge the two sides together with a 1x4.

Step 4:

Now stack 4 1x4s on the next level as shown.

Step 5:

Close the glasses with 2 1x6s.

Step 6:

Create the stems by staggering a 1x2, 1x4, and 1x8 for each side. Attach to the frames. Now you can mold the glasses to your face by curving them a little to fit snugly. Enjoy geeking out with your Lego glasses!



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I think I might try this, considering I'm a Lego freak! LOL?

Awesome idea by the way!?

love this my kids are going to love this as well


5 years ago

Is that u in the pictures