Lego Go-Kart



About: Just Thijs

Intro: Lego Go-Kart

Hello this is the instructions of the lego go-kart! The set number is 854 and is from the year 1978.

Step 1: The Pieces

These are the pieces from the car the pictures are from each part.

Step 2: The Skelet

This is the skelet from the car.

Step 3: The Motor

This is the motor from the car.

Step 4: The Chair

This is the chair from the car

Step 5: The Steeringwheel

This is the steeringwheel from the car.

Step 6: Putting All Together

So now you have all the elements you can put them together.

Step 7: Done

Congratulations! You made the car! If you send a photo i set it in the last step!



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