Lego Go-cart


This go-cart is really small. So it is travel sized and compact. It is built with retro pieces so you may or may not have the piece(s)

Step 1: Making the Minifigure

Step 2: Pieces List

2- 2x2 flat
2- 2x3 flat
4- small wheels
1- Lego chair
1- 1x1 small antenna
1- 1x2 flat with center stud
1-1x1 flat square
1-1x2 steering wheel
2- 1x3 slanted
1- 2x3 slanted
1- old Lego car chassis
1- 2x2 old car tire covers

Step 3: Making the Go- Cart

Just follow the pics

Step 4: Finish

CONGRATULATIONS, you just finished making a small go-cart! If you have any comments or would have N idea that would make it look cooler or be built stronger, just put it in the comments box. Hope you enjoyed making and playing with the go-cart! :)



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