Lego Golfcart

Introduction: Lego Golfcart

Step 1: These Are the Pieces You'll Need

Step 2: Add the 2x1 to the 4x2

Step 3: Place the Sloped 3x1 and 1x1 on the Front of That

Step 4: Add the 2 "lights" to the Bottom of the Sloped Pieces

Step 5: Add the 2 4x1 Pieces to the Bottom of the Lights

Step 6: Add the Black 4x2 Piece to the Middle of That Piece

Step 7: Add the 2nd 2x1 to the Middle

Step 8: Add the Steering Wheel

Step 9: Add the White 6x2 to the Bottom

Step 10: Add the 2 Gray 2x3s to the Bottom of the White Piece

Step 11: Add 1 Set of Wheels to the Front of the Cart

Step 12: Add the Black 2x4 and Then Place the 2 Seats on It

Step 13: Add the White 2x2 to the Back

Step 14: Add the Back Wheels

Step 15: Add the Brown Pieces to the Front and the Red One on Top of Those

And Then You're Done!

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