Lego Guard Chair

Introduction: Lego Guard Chair

This chair is great for a Lego desk

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Step 1: Get Yo Pieces

Get pieces any colors will do and any platform will do

Step 2: Make the Chair

Add circular piece to the chair piece and put flat 4 by 2 piece on top of the chair piece

Step 3: Add the Last Pieces

Add the last two pieces of the chair on top

Step 4: Yay You Finished

Good job this is my first instructable so pear give me some pointers

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    building expert
    building expert

    Reply 4 years ago

    that is my old account

    eliteguy 5
    eliteguy 5

    5 years ago

    Sorry I mean please

    Daww it's so little and perfect! Seems like a very happy guard, and I must say he looks more intimidating in the chair than out out of it!