Lego Gun





Introduction: Lego Gun

Today, I show you how to make easy and simple gun for all Lego men!

Step 1: Pieces Required

1. Here are all the pieces you need.

Step 2: Adding the Hand

2. Clip the black hand to the bottom of the sniper.

Step 3: Finishing the Gun

3. Lastly, put the cone on the end of the gun facing forward and you're done.



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    3 years ago

    That is amazing I will build it it realy is cool

    I do the same thing except the black hand is facing the other way and there isn't any cone.

    Ah, good times might consider putting up more instructables up on here, if you guys want.

    Very cool.
    Try (if it is possible) to on your camera to use a faster shutter speed, or put the camera on a tripod (even a stack of books..) and use  the 'macro' setting (If there is one)

    This will make your already good ideas look brilliant.

    1 reply

     or you could just go to and buy weapons for legomen there are MP-40s, M1 Garands, AKs, RPGs, Bazookas, MGLs, gernades, and machine guns they are like $0.25-$2.00 each. And they are good quality and realistic. You should check tha site out. But nice job! :D

    Well, unfortunately not everybody has access to a PSG-1.
    Looks pretty cool, though.

    @legobattleboy: Nice work. I like how simple the gun is to put together, achieves a complex look with few parts so you should be able to make lots of them cheap. Keep up the good work. =)

    @RMConstruction: You ever try building creative models out of as few pieces as possible, while still keeping them original? More effort than you think.