Lego Gunship II and Lego Heavy Plasma Cannon Instructions

Introduction: Lego Gunship II and Lego Heavy Plasma Cannon Instructions

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Ok i decided to make a second lego gunship(don't worry i still have the first one) this one does away with the turret for excessive wing weaponry

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Step 1: Ok I Lied Im Gonna Show You How to Make a Heavy Plasma Cannon and a Medium Plasma Cannon

First the for the medium gather these parts(pic1)
Next begin assembly (pic2/3)
Last finish assembly (pic4/5)
MiniFigure holding it(pic6)

Step 2: Heavy Plasma Cannon

Ok first get these parts(pic7)*
Next begin construction(pic8)
Finish building(pic9)

*i forgot to add handle and clip for the handle you can see them in the last pic

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