Lego Head Jar

Introduction: Lego Head Jar

This is a gift bag for kids leaving our birthday party. We filled them with bouncy balls and Hershey kisses. Of course.
It's super easy to make and make for a very durable little container fit for play doh.

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Step 1: Materials

Materials and tools

Gerber baby food jars(clean)
A little scotch brite and alcohol to get a good cleaning
Yellow paint
Black sharpie
A stand to hold while painting

Step 2: Paint

Well this may be a complicated step but I'll just add a little for good measure.
Make sure that every thing is very clean. Even the little strip of glue. And scratching it up with some 220 grit sand paper will help adhere the paint too.
It took me about three coats to get it good even coverage.

Step 3: Draw the Face

I didn't have a stencil for this. I think next time I'll make a one out of a piece of notecard. I used a standard sharpie and a lego man from my collection as inspiration.

Step 4: Interrogation

While trying to get a good shot I wound up with a good pic. It looks like we're trying to get information out of these happy looking fellas.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever, I like it. Consider standardizing the face with a stencil; Lego faces are far more uniform than your freehand drawing conveys.