Valentine's Day Lego Flash Drive

Introduction: Valentine's Day Lego Flash Drive

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Ok so take it easy on me because this is my very first instructable so there will more than likely be some grammar errors.  But I decided to make a lego heart that has a USB inside it.  My lady friend and I were exchanging valentines gifts along with a corny themed mixtape.  The problem with me is I like to go all out and the mixtape had over 40 songs on it.  I decided to use the USB because CDs can not hold that many songs so that's the idea behind this project.  Hope everybody enjoys it.  And again, take it easy on me.  I have my BS in Chemistry, not English.

Step 1: Materials

Multi funtion power tool (not pictured)
Mini USB (not pictured)
Assorted legos from the picture above
Super glue

Step 2: Construction

Super glue the pieces just like you see in the picture above.  Decide which side your USB port is going to be located because if the two black connectors are the same side as your USB port, it wont be enough room to connect into your computer.

Step 3: Construction

Superglue the pieces together
Measure the size of your USB and use a multi funtion power tool to make the proper cut into the lego like the picture below.  I used a mini USB that still had its plastic casing on it but it didnt fit all the way so I sanded some of the plastic on it until it fitted.  Sorry for the picture below, I know its not very clear but I could not find a decent photo to illustrate the point.

Step 4: Construction

Superglue the pieces together like the picture above. 

Step 5: Construction... Almost Done

Mix the epoxy together
Put a small amount in the hole that you cut out with the multi funtion power tool
To fill the gaps, I put some epoxy in a plastic baggy and cut a really small hole in it and filled in the spots that needed more epoxy

Step 6: Finishing Up

Finish up by gluing the last pieces to the top of your masterpiece
Let the glue dry completely before using
I dont know the long term problems (if any) from the superglue because I kept the casing on the USB so I doubt anything bad will happen from the fumes of the glue.

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