Lego Heavy Weaponary

Introduction: Lego Heavy Weaponary

About: I live in NZ and I like making things, fire, destroying things and pies.

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Step 1: Part 1: Flammenwerfer

Follow these steps to build the Flammenwerfer! (Flamethrower)

Step 2: Part 2: the Chaingun

Follow these steps to make the chaingun!

Step 3: Part 3: the RPG

Follow these steps to make the RPG. You will need scissors. The black rod is a hollow handrail, not a staff.

Step 4: Part 3: the Biggest Darn Machine-Gun the World Has Ever Seen

Follow these steps to make the

Step 5: Go Crazy!

Have fun vanquishing your enimies.

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    Your right, the computer no1! It is cool!